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Divya Anand, based out of Chennai, India, finds her passion in the craft of storytelling for young children. A qualified software professional, she found her calling in this enjoyable form of communicating with children and paving way for them to imagine, weave and tell stories. 


Children see excitement and magic in a lot of things because they look for it !! For them, everything is possible...there is an element of curiosity in everything they do. Its always a Why-Not instead of a Why...So collaborating with them, gives one the opportunity to identify and keep the child in oneself active, while educating them about healthy systems, grounded ideas, great values and beliefs !!   Isn't that a great way to drive oneself !!  

Divya has also been associated with the voice-over industry for more than a decade now, providing voice-overs for corporate videos, promos, documentaries, children's educational content and so on. So using voice modulation comes naturally to her as a method of expressing, explaining points of view, giving flight to the various characters and in effect making the stories she tells more interesting and enjoyable !! 

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